•  Students and Parents,

    I look forward to working together this year! As your teacher it is my job to help you to be successful in your academics and  develop the skills and habits you will need to achieve your goals and transition to college or the work force after graduating. 

    Regular grade monitoring, instructional lessons and tutoring, and study/test strategies are a few of the ways we will address your academic needs.  I am available to help students before school.  I generally arrive by 7:45, but am often able to come in earlier if needed.  Students and parents may email me to make arraignments if specific needs arise. My duties as Department Head and Student Council Advisor keep me busy most afternoons, but after school tutoring can be arraigned by appointment.
    I work with students all four blocks and do not have a traditional planning period, which makes reaching me by phone difficult.  Communication via email is the best way to contact me. StallerD@bcsdschools.net :)