• Image Editing I

    Adobe Photoshop Certification Available

    (Upon Successful Completion of the Course)

    This course is designed to instruct students in the fundamentals and advanced features of using digital editing software used in modifying both photos and graphics.  The students will learn the use of technologies related to image editing for saving, sharing files, and preparing documents for output to various types of high resolution printers.  Using Adobe Photoshop CS6, students will be given an opportunity to learn by doing  "hands-on". They will learn how to modify photos and graphics for both business and personal situations.  They will design graphical documents from scratch and from components.

    Successful completion of the course standards will provide a foundation for continued training  in the Interactive Media segment of the Information Technology Cluster.  This course will also prepare students for an industry certification test in Adobe Photoshop.


    Computer Programming I


    Computer Programming II using Java

    The computer programming courses are designed to emphasize the fundamentals of computer programming using Java.  Topics include computer software, program design and development, and practical experience in programming, using modern, object-oriented languages.



    Digital Desktop Publishing

    Prerequisite:  Keyboarding proficiency

    Course Description:  This course brings together graphics and text to create professional-looking documents. The students will create, format, design, edit/revise and print publications.  They will improve productivity of digitally produced newsletters, flyers, brochures, advertising materials, business cards, greeting cards, labels, and other publications using software such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or other word processing software with desktop publishing capabilities.