• Instructor:           Steven Jones                                                     School Phone: 820-4000 ext.4401

    Classroom:         401                                        

    Textbook:           World Geography                                           Email: joness@bcsdschools.net



    1. Demonstrate an understanding of world geography – understand the five themes, develop and use geographic vocabulary, understand ethnocentrism, develop/advance geography skills.
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of the , geographic, and political interactions that took place throughout the world during the nineteenth century.
    3.  Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of the geographic, and political interactions that took place throughout the world during the early twentieth century.
    4. Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of the geographic, and political interactions that have taken place throughout the world from the period of the Cold War to the present day.


    1. Students are expected to complete in-class assignments when given.
    2. Students are expected to pay attention during lectures, discussions, take notes, and follow class procedures and rules.
    3. Students are expected to study for tests and quizzes, complete homework assignments and projects on time. Homework must be done in pen or pencil; projects may be done using a computer.
    4. Students are expected to follow all classroom, Stratford High School, and Berkeley County rules.
    5. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner at all times.



    1.       Notes and class discussions.

    2.       Cartography activities.

    3.       Project assignments with written and oral presentations.

    4.       A variety of class activities.



    Major tests will be given at the conclusion of each chapter/unit (approximately every two weeks). In addition, quizzes and other class work grades will be given on a daily basis. Any work given in-class will receive a grade and can affect the overall grade. Grades will be weighted as follows:



    Major Tests/Projects                                     45%

    Homework/Class work/Quizzes                45%

    Final Exam                                                           10%                                                                                                                                                                                                                        100%


    Be Prompt

    Be Prepared

    Be Polite

    Be Productive

    Be Positive



    Student Conference/ Parent Contact

    Detention/ Parent Contact

    Office Referral                 


    *** The teacher reserves the right to skip to the 3rd offense consequence in extreme misbehavior cases.



    1. A 2” three ring binder notebook to hold all class work.
    2. Plenty of notebook paper (Wide-Ruled or College Ruled).
    3. Pencils and Pens for homework and class work. (No RED pens).
    4. In addition, students will be given projects throughout the year, and may need the following:
      • Poster board
      • Colored Pens/Pencils/Markers
      • Computer Floppy Disks or CD/flashdrives






                    Students are expected to make up any missed grades/class notes within five days of their return to school. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to find out what was missed and make arrangements with me to make-up work, including tests and quizzes. Late work will be penalized.



                    The Berkeley County tardy policy will be enforced as follows:

                                                    1st tardy – Verbal warning

                                                    2nd tardy – Notification of parent and detention.

                                                    3rd tardy – Office Referral/ISS

                                                    4th tardy – Office referral/ISS or OSS

                                                    5th or more tardies – Office referral/OSS


    Phones and Electronic Devices:

                    Berkeley County School Board Policy will be followed in every instance regarding phones and other devices. Please do not bring them to class.



    Coach Jones:                                                                                      Class Period: ______________


    I have read and understand the behavior and grading standards you have established for the classroom, and the consequences for infractions.


    NAME OF STUDENT_____________________________________________(PRINT)


    SIGNATURE OF STUDENT________________________________________DATE___________________


    SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN____________________________DATE____________________

    E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________

    Phone number:     _______________________________________________________


     Please see attached syllabus. The bottom of this form should be signed by both parent and student and  should be returned promptly. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.