• Stratford High School JROTC Program


    LET 1 Syllabus

    SUBJECT: Syllabus for School Year 2018-2019

    To: All First Year LET 1 Cadets

    Title of Course:   JROTC1 (worth 1 elective or PE Credit)

    Instructor Name:  1SG (Ret.) David Boydstun

    E-mail Address:


    Phone:    843-820-4000 ext. 2218


    1. Be in Grade 9 – 12

    2. Must comply with cadet command regulations as they pertain to our Army JROTC program. (See memo)  

    Course Description:  Junior Reserved Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Leadership Education and Training.
    This course provides and introduction to JROTC in areas of American citizenship, JROTC leadership, drill and ceremonies, military customs and courtesies, proper wearing of the uniform, physical fitness training, and techniques of communication.


    The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens. We do this by teaching cadet’s discipline, motivation, teamwork and leadership. We get them involved in community activities to show them how they can make a difference. We teach cadets the seven values that all leaders and followers should possess: Loyalty, Honor, Selfless Service, Duty, Integrity, Personal Courage, and Respect. As you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg on what we offer your child. There are many other subjects we cover, such as Foundations for Success, Citizenship and American History, and Leadership Theory and Application.


    Our goal here is not to recruit your child into the military, but they will be exposed to the outstanding opportunities associated with military service. One of the benefits of participating in our program is the advanced promotion in the enlisted ranks which is a significant increase in pay. The bottom line:  we are here to equip your child with the prerequisite skill sets required for success in the military, higher education or civilian workforce.


    There are some physical requirements in JROTC that contribute to the PE credit being awarded.  Your child will be required to participate in physical training every Friday, unless they have an excuse note from you or a doctor.  We try to make it physically challenging, but also fun with various sports and other teambuilding activities. We expect them to have appropriate physical training attire and give an honest effort.


    A Typical Week in JROTC:



    ·         Leadership Labs

    ·         Drill with and without weapons


    Tuesday & Thursday:

    ·         Mandatory Core Classes

    ·         Reflection and assessment

    ·         Talk to the team (Thursday)



    ·         Uniform Inspection

    ·         Current Events/Chain of Command test



    ·         Cadet Challenge

    ·         Physical exercise

    ·         Leadership labs


    Grading System:

                   Academics - 40%

                            *   In class test

                            *   Drill Test (Individual, Squad, & Platoon

                            *   Cadet Challenge

                    Classroom/Homework - 10%

                    Uniform Inspection - 20%

                     PT/Dress out - 10%

                    Drill & Attitude - 20%

                         Participation in:

                             *   Drill

                             *   Classroom

                             *   Physical Training/Sports



    Cadets are required to maintain a proper appearance while in JROTC.  This applies in or out of the uniform. Male cadets must have a haircut that is well kept, hair off ears and not touching the collar. Male cadets are not allowed to wear ear rings while in the JROTC classroom or anytime in uniform. Female cadets may wear ear rings in their ears only. No Nose, tongue or facial piercing is allowed at any time in uniform or in the JROTC classroom. When female cadets wear their uniform, only one ear ring allowed per ear and no larger than ¼ inch in diameter.  Male and Female cadets must also keep a natural color to their hair while in JROTC.


    Cadets are also required to purchase a JROTC T-Shirt for Physical Training on Fridays. The cost of the T-Shirt is $15.00 and can be purchased online. T&T Sports will open the website for a two week period which is determined at the beginning of both semesters. There are also many other Team JROTC items that can be purchased if you desire. Cadet Online Portfolio cost is $3.00 per year, If they leave JROTC can print out their online records to include their resume.



    Linked Program Outcomes:


    1. Maximize potential for success through learning and self-management.
    2. Develop leadership skills.
    3. Build effective relationships with peers, co-workers, and the community (conflict resolution and service learning).
    4. Correlate the rights and responsibilities of citizenship to the purposes of U.S. government.
    5. Relate events in U.S. history to choices and responsibilities Americans have today.

    Linked Core Abilities:


    1. Build your capacity for life-long learning
    2. Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written techniques.
    3. Take responsibility for your actions and choices.
    4. Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country, and the world.
    5. Treat self and others with respect.
    6. Apply critical thinking techniques



    Content Standard:

    Standard 1:
      PARTICIPATION AND CITIZENSHIP: Understand roles, rights (personal, political, economic, military service) and responsibilities of American citizens today and throughout history and exercises them in civic action.

    Standard 2: PERSONAL GROWTH: Knows how to maintain and promote behavior which demonstrate personal growth.

    Standard 3: WORKING WITH OTHERS: Demonstrate leadership skills.

    Course Goals:  To prepare high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of the benefits of citizenship.

    JROTC PROGRAM MISSION: To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens.

    Required Materials: 
    Applied textbook, Notebook dedicated to JROTC, and a Portfolio (folder).

    Textbook: ARMY JROTC Leadership Education and Training

    Topics / Units

    Quarter 1:

    Citizenship in Action
    Foundation of Army JROTC and Getting Involved
    The Making of a Better Citizen
    Cadet Challenge Training
    Physical Training
    Leadership Lab (Drill and Ceremonies)
    Conduct School and Community Service

    Leadership Theory Application
    Being a leader
    Principles and Leadership
    Leadership Skills
    Roles of Leaders and followers
    Cadet Challenge Training and Test
    Physical Training
    Leadership Lab (Drill and Ceremonies)
    Conduct School and Community Service

    Written and Performance Test. Homework. Wearing of Army Uniform. Note Taking Techniques. Physical Fitness. Community and School Service Activities. JROTC extra- curricular team participation.

    Quarter 2:

    Foundation for Success
    Know Yourself
    Learning to Learn
    Study Skills
    Physical Training
    Service Learning
    Leadership Lab (Drill and Ceremonies)
    Conduct School and Community Service

    Communication Skills
    Conflict Resolution

    Written and Performance Test. Homework. Wearing of Army Uniform. Note Taking Techniques Physical Fitness. Community and School Service Activities. JROTC extra- curricular team participation.

    Requirement to continue to next level: Student must be recommended, and earn a "D" or better for the semester grade to be eligible for JROTC20.

    Extra-Curricular Activities:

    Teamwork – all members working together toward the same goals. Our extra-curricular activities deepen your self-respect, confidence, and builds Espirit De Corps.

    Our activities are:

    ·         Drill Team  (CSM Simmons)

    ·         Color Guard  (CSM Simmons)

    ·         Rifle team  (LTC Blanton)

    ·         Raider Team (Physical fitness team)  (1SG Boydstun)

    ·         Academic Team  (LTC Blanton)


    None of these activities are mandatory, but very much encouraged as to get your child involved in a team sport.  Participating is great for college resumes since it’s recognized as a Varsity Letter Sports Program.