Character Education Program at Marrington Elementary School


     Marrington Elementary School has a very special Character Education Program.  It is called “Virtue of the Month.”  Each month, the teachers select a child that best demonstrates a specific Character Virtue that we have learned about in Classroom Guidance.  A letter is sent home to the parents, informing them that their child has been honored!  The featured virtue for the month of February was “Kindness and Compassion.”  Each child received a certificate with his/her “virtue” of it.  The recipients are also featured on a Virtue of the Month bulletin board located in the hall in front of the cafeteria.  Kindness and Compassion is a virtue that will serve children well throughout their lives.  In school, a job or in life, Kindness and Compassion is a wonderful quality that will ultimately be recognized and rewarded.

     Marrington School is proud of all the “virtuous” students that come to school every day because as character development increases, higher student achievement goes right along with it!

    Photo includes MNE Virtue of the Month for February: Kindness and Compassion Winners and School Counselor Ann Schuler