• Special Education Services: COVID-19

    The Office of Special Services recognizes that protecting the safety, health, and welfare of our students and staff is the primary concern as we face the COVID-19 crisis.  Although these safety measures have prevented students from receiving instruction in the same delivery method if we were in school, we have ensured and will continue to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the same opportunities as all other students during this extended closure. Through guidance provided by the United States Department of Education and the South Carolina Department of Education, the BCSD Office of Special Services has been working in collaboration with schools and parents to make practical and reasonable efforts in order to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities during this very difficult time. This includes working in partnership with families to determine appropriate and reasonable means of providing support for specialized instruction and related services for students with disabilities through our eLearning opportunities.

    Additional examples of these efforts include:

    • collaboration between general education and special education teachers in the design of eLearning opportunities delivered through our on-line platforms, Google classrooms and/or paper/pencil activities to ensure appropriate accommodations and provide resources for equal access to instruction;
    • collaboration between special education teachers and related service providers in the design of eLearning opportunities for specialized instruction and related services;
    • consistent and ongoing communication to support families and students;

    As always, we appreciate collaborating with families to effectively demonstrate practical and reasonable efforts as we move forward in serving and supporting students with disabilities.

    For specific questions related to your child’s specialized instruction and/or related services during the extended school closure, please contact your child’s special education teacher.

    For more information contact:  

    Berkeley County School District
    Office of Special Services
    (843) 899-8890


    The vision of the Berkeley County Office of Special Services is to ensure positive outcomes for students through innovative instruction, a strength-based focus, and embracing individuality.  
    We make a difference--one student, one classroom, one school, and one family at a time.

    In collaboration with general education, we will utilize a growth-mindset as we meet each opportunity and challenge for success. We will use communication as a tool for sharing ideas, posing questions for improvement, and problem-solving solutions for our student-centered outcomes. In this process, we will strive to be creative with new approaches in innovation and invention. We will encourage one another to link learning across disciplines and bring new ideas for solving problems.

    In keeping with the district mission, we strive to empower all students for success.
    Priority initiatives include:
    • High quality specially designed instruction provided using standards-based instruction, personalized learning, and innovative programs.

    • Positive outcomes for students aligned with the system of Results-Driven Accountability.

    • Coordinated systems of support in all BCSD classrooms for academic and social/emotional.

     We consider it a privilege to serve our children with disabilities to accomplish the vision and mission of the Berkeley County School District.

Katie Stapleton
  • US Education                SC Education