Steps to Register Student for Attendance at PSE:

    *Please note that if you do no have access to the internet at home, you can fill out the

    registration at PSE in the front office.

    • Supply the attendance clerk with all required documentation (copies can be made of your originals in the front office). The required documents are listed here: https://www.bcsdschools.net/Page/24398
    • Besides the documents required by the district, there are forms house at the school level (PSE) that must be completed before registration as well. Pick up these additional forms at PSE’s front office. Complete and return.
    • Once the online registration, district required documents, and PSE required forms are submitted, registration is considered finalized. At that time, your student should be able to begin classes in two to three school days on a date you discuss with the attendance clerk.


    *PSE does not have a Head Start program. If enrolling in the CDEP program, you will fill

    out the general “New Student Registration” and select 4k.

     Registration 2020