• The Alternative School program is designed to serve as an "alternative" for Berkeley County students in the grades 6-12 who have been referred at the beginning of the school year by their home school administrator or have been referred by the school district's hearing officer. The program is designed to serve as a learning opportunity for students who have had difficulty adjusting to the regular classroom setting or who were discipline problems in the classroom or school it self.

    BAS provides an alternative method of continuing learning in an atmosphere which is sensititve and suited to the development of intellectual, physical, and social capabilities of its students.  to help students overcome barriers to learning, the program provides a supportive environment with specialized curriculum, instruction, guidance and counseling.

    The program is designed to be a short-term intervention to ensure that students will succeed when they return to their home school. Students who begin the school year, and are successful, usually return to their home school at the end of the first semester.  Students who have been referred by the hearing officer stay at BAS for the remainder of the school year.


    Before a student is enrolled at BAS, the school must first receive the students academic record from their home school. Referred students and parents are then scheduled for an intake meeting at BAS. Both the students and parents/guardian are required to attend this meeting to complete the enrollment packet, discuss expectations, school procedures, academic and behavioral goals, and to be scheduled for classes.