• Hello, and welcome to Sangaree Middle School's School Counseling Department

    We have three counselors at SRM, Mrs. Klim (sees students whose last names begin with A-K), Mrs. Bennett (L-Z), and Ms. Medovic (here to assist on T, Th, and alternating Fridays).  We also have a career counselor, Ms. K. Myers, who will work with students in their classrooms to help determine their career interests.

    If you need to contact us for any reason, please call the school at 821-4028. You may also reach us by email: klims@bcsdschools.netbennettj@bcsdschools.net, and medovicj@bcsdschools.net .  Please note that sometimes our firewall may not accept your email. If you write and do not hear back from us, please assume that we did not receive your email and call us at the school number.


    If you or a family member have a mental health crisis or emergency, please know that Berkeley Community Mental Health has Crisis Intervention Services: https://www.berkeleymentalhealth.org/crisis-intervention/

    Below please find links to several documents that we feel will be useful to you this school year: 
    Parent Needs Assessment - Please complete a Parent Needs Assessment and send to the counseling department to help us better determine current student needs.