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    Welcome to the Sangaree Middle School Media Center. Suggestions for internet resources, book recommendations, and Media Center general information can be found here. 

    Mrs. Aron Bennett                                                                                                  Ms. Arelis Rodriguez
    Library Media Specialist                                                                                          M
    edia Assistant 


    Hours: 7:40am to 3:25pm Monday - Friday

    Students must have a pass in their agenda and must sign into the library each time they visit.

    ETH Rules: Students may spend their ETH in the library, as long as they have a PASS IN THEIR AGENDA. Come check out a book, play at the Lego table, use the OSMO, or just read and relax! 

    Circulation Policies: All library books are due in two weeks with the exception of a few Reference books which have overnight circulation.  A student can renew their library materials for an unlimited number of times, unless another student or teacher has placed a hold request for that material.  Students are allowed to have out a maximum of 2 books.

    Overdue notices are sent out with progress reports and report cards.  If a student has fines totaling more than $10, they will be limited to books for class projects only.  The Sangaree Middle School Media Center charges overdue fines of 5¢ per school day per item.  Books that have been overdue for more than 30 days are marked LOST and the student's account will reflect the total cost of the book. Once a lost book has been returned, a lost book late fee of $1.50 is charged. Patrons are responsible for paying for lost books and/or fines. If a student pays for a lost book and later finds it, the District will generate a refund, so long as the student has the receipt showing the item paid. 

    If patrons have questions regarding their account they are encouraged to visit the library for more information about their obligation.

    Damaged Books: When a book is returned to the library in a damaged condition, the Library Media Specialist will attempt to determine the cause and extent of the damage. Sometimes a book can be repaired to make it suitable for circulation. At other times, the damage is irreparable, and a replacement cost will be determined. Please be sure to take care of your library books to avoid any charges!

    Printing Policy: Printing may be done in the Media Center. The first FOUR pages printed are free and any pages after that are 10 cents per page. The Library DOES NOT have color printing options.

    Destiny Card Catalog: Select this link to open the card catalog, Destiny, at home. 

    Ask your librarian for login information for DISCUS

    South Carolina’s Virtual Library
    is the “information place” for all South Carolinians.                   

    DISCUS  stands for
    Digital Information for South Carolina USers 

    free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7


    SC Junior Books 2019/2020

    The 2019-2020 South Carolina Junior Books have been announced! STop by the library TODAY to check out one of these amazing titles! Each year, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians chooses a selection of 20 nominees to be read and voted on as the BEST BOOK of the year. These titles cover a variety of genres, characters, and settings, making it easy for readers to find something they like on the list. To find out more about how you can vote for your favorite, see your SRM Library staff today!