Empower all students for success.
    In partnership with our community, ignite in every student a passion for world-class knowledge and skills through dynamic instruction and personalized educational opportunities.
          Stratford High School is a large comprehensive high school located in the city of Goose Creek, South Carolina. We serve 1882 students. Our ethnic breakdown is 49% white, 25% black, 15% Hispanic, 11% other. Feeder schools for Stratford High School include Westview Middle School, College Park Middle School and Marrington Middle School. Stratford High School serves a wide geographic area in Berkeley County which produces a diverse student body with respect to ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our current free and reduced lunch percentage is approximately 40%.
          The curriculum at Stratford High School is very diverse by design to serve our student body. We offer a variety of advanced placement courses, comprehensive honors and college preparation curriculum, and a diverse Career and Technical Education curriculum. Our records indicate that approximately 38% of the students who graduate from Stratford attend a four-year institution and that 44% of the graduating seniors attend a two-year technical school. Approximately 6% of our graduates enter directly into the world of work and about 9% go into the military.
          Stratford High School was originally built in 1981 and opened in 1983 with approximately 1100 students. An addition was added in 1998 and then again in 2015 in order to increase the physical capacity.
          Our School Improvement Council which is comprised of various stakeholders meets each month to help steer school improvement initiatives on campus. We currently have 39 Business Partners who show their support to our students and staff throughout the year.
          Stratford High School can best be described as a spirited school with many opportunities for our students. We currently have 48 clubs and student organizations on campus including both junior varsity and varsity athletic programs. We also have a variety of ways in which students can get involved in fine arts. Many of our programs are considered to be among the very best in the state and have been recognized at the national level.
     The current staffing for Stratford High School is as follows:
     Principal     1
     Assistant Principals   5
     Classroom Teachers 118
     English as a Second Language (ESOL) Teachers  1.5
     Guidance Director  1
     Guidance Counselors  5
     Behavior Specialists  2
     Media Specialists       2
     Academy Coach  1
     School Psychologist  1
     Social Worker  1
     School Nurse  1.5
     Instructional Assistants  10
     Clerical Staff  15
     Custodians  15
     Food Service Staff  11