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    English II HONORS Agenda English II HONORS Weekly Agenda
    UNIT 1: Culture Clash
    UNIT 2: Self vs. Society
    UNIT 3: Appearance versus Reality
    UNIT 4: Role of the Witness

    Wednesday, Oct. 16th 
    *  Collected Freedom of Speech Posters
    *  Grammar/Writing - RRHOF

    (Uploaded to Google Classroom)

    Monday, Oct. 14th
    *  Turned in Novel Film Essays for F451
    *  Assigned Freedom of Speech Poster - Due Wed., Oct. 16th

    (Uploaded to Google Classroom)
    Thursday, Oct. 17th
    *  Discussed Grammar/Writing - RRHOF
    *  Intro to The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
    *  Completed the Historical Caesar video/Google Form

    HOMEWORK: James Shapiro excerpt: The Prologue

    (Uploaded to Google Classroom)

    Tuesday, Oct. 15th
    *  Continued working of Freedom of Speech Poster

    (Uploaded to Google Classroom)

    Friday, Oct. 18th
    * Discussed Shapiro Prologue Homework 
    * Answered Google Form questions for Shakespeare, Globe Theater, and Elizabethan England

    HOMEWORK: Barry Strauss Excerpt: Riding with Caesar

    (Uploaded to Google Classroom)