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Summer Learning Resources

Recall what you've learned this year and get prepared for next year with these suggestions from our teachers. 

The first programs listed here have been used all year.  Use the information provided to help you access these familiar sites.
 RAZ Kids (Good Until 7/31) - for K and 1st grade only.
This site helps students keep up with reading comprehension and reading skills. 
Username: Provided by your teacher 
Password:  Provided by your teacher
Reflex Math - for 1st - 5th grade.
This site allows students to practice math facts.
Username: Provided by your teacher
Password: Provided by your teacher   
 IXL Math - for 3rd-5th grade.
This site allows students to keep up with all math skills.
Username: lastnamefirstname@nexton
Password: Student ID#

 4K - 

Starfall - math and phonics skills -

ABCYa - math and phonics skills -

PreKinders - fun activities -

PBS Kids - fun activities -


 Kindergarten - 

PBS Kids - fun activities -

Starfall - math and early reading skills -

ABCYa - math and early reading skills -

ABC Mouse - math and phonics skills - 

 First Grade - 

Sheppard Software – hundreds of educational games, activities, articles -

Harcourt Brace Textbooks – math games for first grade -

A Plus Click – math and logic problems -

Smarty Games – math games -

First Grade to Second Grade Summer Packet -

 Second Grade - 

Practice counting and keeping track of money -

 Third Grade - 

Math Play - Math skills practice - 

 Fourth Grade - 

Online Reading Library - several classic titles of online books - 
Prodigy Math - interactive math game.  Student usernames and passwords were created by teachers. -

 Fifth Grade - 

Figure This! - logic and reasoning skills -
Math in Daily Life - logic and reasoning skills, math computation skills -

 Sixth Grade -

Sangaree Middle’s Summer Reading for Rising 6th Graders -


Read, Read, Read! 

Jasmine Digital Library from the Berkeley County Library


With your county library card, you have access to several online titles that can be downloaded directly to your device.  Contact the Berkeley County Library for more information or click here.

 Epic Books app

 Cost: $4.99 for families from the App Store or Google Play
With the subscription fee, you gain access to hundreds of well-known titles of both fiction and non-fiction books.