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    What is BCA?

    The Berkeley Center for the Arts is Berkeley County School District's first arts magnet program established on the secondary level. It is housed on the campus of Goose Creek High School.



    BCA Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide our students a rigorous academic curriculum, and a solid foundation in the arts discipline in which they are gifted. Our studio classes are taught by professional arts educators, and it is our goal to prepare students for various post-secondary and pre-professional pursuits. We limit our student to teacher ratio by limiting participation in our program to those who demonstrate proficiency through successful audition. We strive to create a community of artists who support each other in order to provide an environment where they feel safe to take artistic risks.


    Application and Audition Procedure

    BCA is open to all rising 9th grade students in Berkeley County School District. These students should be gifted in one of our seven disciplines (drama, visual arts, creative writing, dance, voice, strings, and winds & percussion). BCA also accepts students in their sophomore year on a case by case basis. Sophomore students must be selected by their teacher and approved by the program director and guidance counselor.

    Students interested in attending BCA must first complete the current application packet. Students must include their personal information, two teacher provided letters of recommendation, a current picture, and a personal statement. Based upon the student major, he or she may be required to include additional information. Students intending to attend the large spring audition must have their audition packet completed and submitted by the designated deadline. After completing their application packet, students must prepare to attend spring auditions. Upon submitting a completed application packet students will be mailed an audition date and time. Students who cannot attend the spring audition, can arrange a private audition with the teacher of their major. Though BCA operates on a rolling audition process, additional auditions after the spring audition are contingent upon space and availability only.

    Upon arriving at their auditions, students will be judged on a variety of criteria including ability and professionalism. Student should plan to speak about their experiences and goals related to the art of their choice. In addition, many students will be asked to perform a selected piece or complete a particular task. After completing their audition, students will be notified as to the status of their admission within 2 weeks.