Berkeley Middle College High School

Keep Calm and Carry On!

 Join Us for Our 2016-17
School Improvement Council Meetings
Click HERE to read our School Renewal Plan
On Campus at TTC-B in the office conference room at 7:30 a.m.
All Students, Parents, and Community Members are WELCOME

Thursday, September 22
Thursday, October 27
Thursday,  November 17
Thursday, January 26
Thursday, February 23
Thursday, March 23
Thursday, May 25

School Improvement Council Members
 Parent: Joel Rogers
Parent: TBD
Student: Marcellus Forbes
Student: Kody Morgan
Teacher: Sheila Amerson
Teacher: Ed Moore
Community Member: Marshall Connor, Trident Technical College
Community Member: Antonio Robinson, Upward Bound
Community Member: Sonya Addison-Stewart, BCSD
Ex-Officio Member: Claire Freeman, Principal
Ex-Officio Member: Melissa Stowasser, Trident Technical College