Cane Bay High


Academic Departments 
Janie Langley, Interim Principal
Tim McDowell, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Cynthia McBride, Assistant Principal
Kelli Farless, Assistant Principal
Chris Buchholz, Assistant Principal
Tiffany Brown, Assistant Principal
Adrian Busch, Assistant Principal 
Angela Mills, Academy Coach and Resource Specialist
Department Chairs
Career and Technology Education: Suzann Blanchard
English: Amy K. Smith
Fine Arts: David Carter
World Language: Brita Swenson 
Mathematics: Regina Owens and Nicole Goldammer
Physical and Driver's Education: Kelly Gault 
Science: Amanda Duncan
Social Studies: Rae Goude
Special Education: Rachel Spitulski
AFJROTC: Glen Swilling
Guidance: Juann Edmondson
Media Center: Melanie Lee
Juann Edmondson, Ed.D. Director of Guidance/10th-12th Students Letters A-Cr
Susan Pitcher, 10th-12th Students Letters Cu-I
Whitney Gooden, 10th-12th Students J-Perry
Kris Presley, 10th-12th Students Letters Pet-Wal
Andrew Hirak, 9th Student Letters A-Rob
Virginia Reijners, 9th Student Letters Rock-Z/10th-12th Student Letters Ward-Z 
Stacy Middleton, Guidance Secretary
Felecia Williamson, Registrar
Support Staff:
Katherine Smith, Head Secretary
Heather Murray, Main Office Secretary
Melissa Fabian, Main Office Secretary 
Carole Kimbro, Discipline Secretary
Sandra Reynolds, Athletics Secretary 
Denise Bleamer, SPED Secretary
Sally Howell, Bookkeeper
Willie B. Gadsden, Attendance Secretary
Angelene Spann, Attendance Secretary
Gail Johnson, Power School  
David Horton, ISS Assistant
Greg Hall, Computer Lab/Credit Recovery

Media Center:
Melanie Lee, Head Media Specialist
Ann Edwards, Media Specialist
Aron Bennett, Media Center Assistant
High School Athletics:
Tim McDowell, Director of Athletics
Lisa Knight, Cafeteria Manager
Custodial Staff:
Mary Lane, Head Custodian