Goose Creek Primary

Home of the Otters

2015-2016 GCP Leadership Team

Kathy Sullivan, Principal    


Dr. Theodore Prioleau,  Assistant Principal      

Christi Furrow, Assistant Principal 

Marcus McLean, Administrative Assistant   

Lori Ann Griffin, Title I Facilitator     


Dayna Bereyni, Instructional Coach  

Deanne Martin, Instructional Coach  

Brenda Stedman, CDEP Grade Chair        

Sarah Peterson, Kindergarten Grade Chair     

Ali Little, 1st Grade Chair    

Christine Schoem, 2nd Grade Chair       

Bethany Stevens, Behavior Specialist/Interventionist  

Susan Hill, Related Arts Chair      

Sally Allard, 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year  

Amy Sklar, Guidance Representative 

Nancy Weiland, Cafeteria Manager 

Jamie Rowell, Office Staff Representative 

Brittany Wheat, Classified Staff Representative 

Lacy Hoffman, 2014-2015 Rookie Teacher of the Year