St. Stephen Elementary

Enter to Learn Depart to Lead

     St. Stephen Elementary expects all faculty, students, staff and parents to be Leaders!  If students are leaders and follow the 7-Habits then the learning environment will always be at its best!  The 7-Habits appear in every classroom as the "7-Essentials" these are our school-wide behavior expectations!

The SSE 7-Essentials

1.  Be Proactive-Respect yourself and others by keeping your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

 2.  Begin with the End in Mind-Always be prepared (if you do not have it ask for it).

 3.  Put First Things First-Work hard, then play.

 4. Think WIN-WIN- Do your best at all times.

 5. SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE  UNDERSTOOD-Raise your hand before speaking.

 6. SYNERGIZE-Work together at all times.

 7. SHARPEN THE SAW-Take care of your body.