St. Stephen Elementary

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St. Stephen Elementary Title I Planning and

School Improvement Council Members


Dr. Elaine Norton

Erica VanBeek

Rosalind Banks

Teachers & Support

Ashley Banks

Shaney Odgers

Iva Jefferson

Camela James

Maxine Bowens

Erica Myers

Avis Riley

Coach Spears

Colleen Morrissey

Parents & Community

Ms. Tamara Rivers-P

Ms. Cathy Hutchinson-P

Ms. Lisa Wiggins-P

Rev. T. Jackson-P/C

Ms. Evelyn Wall-P

Ms. Melissa Williams-C

Mr. Vernon Green-P

Mr. Henry Griffin-C

Mayor John Rivers-C

Mr. Louis Brown-C

Mr. David Simmons-C

District Personnel

Dr. Susan Gehlmann

Dr. Jane Harrelson

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