St. Stephen Middle

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Welcome to a new and exciting school year! Hopefully this will be a memorable and successful year for everyone. I bring to you nine years of guidance experience from both the middle and high school levels. My occupational background is also enriched with three years of experience as a middle school science teacher, two years of experience as a mental health counselor working with students with an ADHD diagnosis, and eleven years of experience as a foster care social worker.
As your child's guidance counselor I already possess high expectations of you with a challenge that you expect the same of me. Let's work collaboratively to ensure that your child remains successful throughout the school year.
My guidance philosophy is that all children are unique and should be treated with respect and dignity. Every student can succeed. Learning is a lifelong process. Fostering a positive self-image is the collaborative effort of the school, home, and community that leads to responsible and productive citizenship. The diverse needs of all students must be addressed at all educational levels. Every student needs appropriate, personal, and social skills to achieve optimum benefits from the educational program.
With sincere regards,
Ruth Staggers-Wilson 







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