Cross Elementary

I believe in myself... I can.

Dr. Felder
 Dr. LaWanda R. Felder, Guidance Counselor
Contact Information: 843-899-8924
                             Philosophy and Rationale:
    · All Children are unique and should be respected with dignity.
    · Every student can succeed at high levels.
    · Learning is a lifelong process.
    · Fostering a positive self-image is the collaborative effort of the school, home and community leading to responsible and productive citizenship.
    · The needs and diversity of all students are addressed at all educational levels.
    · Every student needs appropriate personal and social skills to achieve optimum benefits from the educational program.
    · Comprehensive guidance counseling is a developmentally appropriate program rather than support services.
    · The guidance program is an integral part of the overall educational program and serves as a critical link to the instructional program and the community.
    · The program provides developmental opportunities and experiences as it addresses student development areas: learning to live, learning to learn, and learning to work. 
K-6 Classroom Guidance Activities:
Character Education
Anger Management
Career Exploration
Making Decisions
Building Positive Self-esteem
Study Skills/Class Preparation
Conflict Resolution
K-6 Small Group Topics
Family Changes
Anger Management
School-wide Activities
Promotes school-wide Drug Awareness.
Promotes school-wide Fire Safety Activities.
Coordinates Career Fair
Provides information on community resources for families.
Attends parent-teacher conferences and staffings when needed as a resource.