Howe Hall AIMS

Home of the Chameleons

 Mission Statement 
The mission of Howe Hall Arts Infused Magnet School is to provide DYNAMIC LEARNING with quality ARTS experiences as an ESSENTIAL component of the curriculum to optimize student ACHIEVEMENT and develop CrEaTiVe lifelong learners.
The vision of Howe Hall AIMS is to continuously advance as an exemplary model of arts infusion dedicated to artistic and academic excellence.
We Believe
All students are talented and CrEaTiVe.

A diverse arts infused education enriches, motivates, and connects student learning.
 Daily infusion of the arts leads to higher levels of thinking, understanding, and problem solving.
 All teachers can contribute to the students' artistic development when provided appropriate support.
The arts influence every aspect of life and develop an understanding of self and ones place in the world community.
 High quality arts experiences increase student self-confidence, develop
self-discipline, and maximize student achievement.