Cane Bay Elementary


Cane Bay Elementary  is proud to announce
that our 2017 Teacher of the Year is
Mrs. Carrie Mundo-Nichols
 Mrs Mundo-Nichols and class

I am excited to represent Cane Bay Elementary as the
2017 Teacher of the Year.
This is my fifth year at Cane Bay Elementary. Every day I spend my day
teaching with an excitement that I hope my students will emulate for learning.
In the classroom, we learn to trust each other, become friends,
work out disagreements, and explore new concepts.
We learn how to share our strengths and use our challenges to empower us.
We become a community. 

Previous Teachers of the Year

2010 Mrs. Donna Harvey
2011 Mrs. Meredith Davakos
2012 Ms Jennifer Whitescarver
2013 Mrs. Diana Clark
2014 Mrs. Becky Hill
2015 Ms. Amanda Caston
2016 Mrs. Gina Sawicki