Cane Bay Elementary


Gina Sawicki
Cane Bay Elementary  is proud to announce
that our 2016 Teacher of the Year is
Mrs. Gina Sawicki

I am honored to represent Cane Bay Elementary as the 2016 Teacher of the Year. This is my 26th year of teaching, and I am Nationally Board Certified. 

Being a teacher is an awesome responsibility, but it is also an amazing gift.  My priority as a teacher is to ensure all students know they truly matter, and they are not supposed to be “just like someone". Everyone has their own strengths and challenges.  A classroom is many things:  a laboratory, a library, and a family.  At Cane Bay, our students know it is important to learn from one another.  There are many teachers within any one classroom.  I just happen to be the tallest one.  

Previous Teachers of the Year

2010 Mrs. Donna Harvey
2011 Mrs. Meredith Davakos
2012 Ms Jennifer Whitescarver
2013 Mrs. Diana Clark
2014 Mrs. Becky Hill
2015 Ms. Amanda Caston