Daniel Island

Come SOAR with us!

The following courses are offered at DIS:
Art, Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Band, 5th - 8th Grade
Chorus, 6th - 8th Grade
Computer, Kindergarten - 4th Grade
Computer Applications, 8th Grade
Computer Literacy, 5th - 6th Grade
Drama, 6th - 8th Grade
Gateway to Technology, 5th - 8th Grade
Keyboarding, 7th - 8th Grade
Library, Kindergarten - 4th Grade
Music, Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Physical Education, Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Spanish, 5th - 7th Grade
Spanish I, 8th Grade
Strings, 6th - 8th Grade
Study Skills, 5th - 8th Grade