Daniel Island

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To insure the safety of all DIS students, we are implementing some changes in our arrival and dismissal procedures.
Please be advised that pedestrians crossing the street have the right-of-way. Cars MUST YIELD to pedestrian traffic.
Arrival Procedure
Students may enter the building at 7:50 am through all entrances and walk directly to their homeroom classes. All Students will report directly to their classrooms. Front doors will open at 7:45, where students may wait in a covered area until they are dismissed to their classroom at 7:50.  Students arriving at school prior to 7:45 will be directed to The Ocean Club, where supervision is available. The cost is $1.00 per morning.
Tardy Procedure
Should your student need to arrive late to school, a parent must accompany the student in to the main office and sign him or her in to school for the day (even our eighth graders).The student will be given a pass required for admittance into the classroom. Tardies resulting from late buses will not be recorded on the student’s record.
Check-Out Procedure
Should your student need to be checked out early, a parent must enter the main office and sign him or her out of school. Please limit the number of student check-outs that occur after 2:30. This is a very busy time for our office team, and these disruptions interfere with valuable instructional time.
Dismissal Procedure
This year, we are making a concerted effort to reduce the number of daily changes to student dismissal plans. Please be reminded that we cannot guarantee that messages received after 2:30 will be communicated to teachers in time for the mode of transportation home to be changed.
Walkers and Bike Riders
Walkers and Bike Riders will dismiss the building at 3:00 pm. Students will exit through the door closest to their pedestrian/bicycle route home.All walkers and bike riders are expected to leave school grounds immediately.Parents, if you are meeting your child outside of the school doors, we are asking that you GET your student, and GO (leave school grounds).Car and bus traffic will not be permitted to move until all walkers and bicycle riders have safely departed the school grounds.
Car Riders and Bus Riders
Car Riders and Bus Riders will be dismissed at 3:00, and motor traffic will remain stationary until all pedestrian and bicycle traffic has departed school property.This is necessary for the safety of our students.Car riders in grades PK through 3 will dismiss from the front of the building, and car riders in grades 4 through 8 will dismiss from the back of the building.The front car rider line will utilize a number based system this year. Please contact the front office to obtain a car number for this dismissal process. Older siblings will meet their younger siblings, and dismiss from the front car loop.
Bus riders will dismiss from the gymnasium as buses arrive. Please review the behavior expectations for students riding buses, if this applies to your child.
Parents, please discuss personal safety with your students. We will provide some crossing guards at potential safety but cannot be responsible for areas that are not on school grounds. Please communicate the importance of adhering to your family’s safety plan for arriving and departing school each day.